About Us

Bamkhodro Service and Trading Company started its activity on 04/Oct/2005 with 7 personnel and was registered with number 256123 in the Companies and Commercial Institutions Registration Office.

The head office of the company is located in 10th km of Karaj special road Street, Tehran and the main subject of the company’s activity is , providing after-sales services of all types of vehicles, commercial services, exporting and importing authorized goods, providing and distributing spare parts and accessories of domestic and foreign vehicles and coming into contracts with domestic and foreign companies in order to implement the mentioned activities.

The company started recruiting and training young workers by using experienced experts. Over time up to 21/Jan/2006, the number of personnel increased to 18 people. By examining all aspects, the company started the main activity on the above mentioned date. The company was able to meet all the after-sales service needs of customers due to the presence of trustable managers and young personnel and deep faith into their competency as well as adapting to the after-sales service standards’ framework announced by Volkswagen. In 2011, the company added the responsibility of providing after sales services to Kerman Motor Company products at the same time of promoting and increasing company resources, including specialized human resources in addition to providing after-sales services for the products produced by the Bam Co,

Objectives and policy

The main objectives of the company in providing after-sales services to respected customers are as follow:

  • Maintaining and improving the market segment of Kerman Motor Co., and Bam Co., within the Iran territory vehicle industry
  • Monitoring the performance of processes in the framework of organized plans in order to quality improvement
  • Attention to the growth and development of human resources as the most precious assets of the company
  • Accurate perception of customer’s requirement in order to meet and increase their satisfaction and beyond
  • Putting efforts into promotion and profitability of authorized dealers and suppliers as business partners of the organization